Nutcracker Theatre Event

The Saltmine Trust Christian theatre company will be visiting us on 29th November with their production inspired by The Nutcracker.

"On Christmas Eve, Clara receives an extra special present with the instruction to keep it very safe. But when her little brother breaks this precious gift, she wonders if she can ever forgive him.
Clara’s determination to fix the Nutcracker whisks her away to the Land of Sweets, where caramel rivers are lined with lollipop trees, raindrops fall like hundreds and thousands and you can even taste the rainbow. But time is running out and the land is dissolving before her very eyes.
With a little bit of help from some deliciously silly sweetie friends, Clara must figure out the answer to the great, big, sticky, sugary question: Can mending something on the outside fix what is truly broken?"

Nutcracker poster

The event starts at 6:30pm. Tickets will be available from Jenny Eaton, or from the Peephole, and cost £7 for adults and £4 for children. Family tickets will be available. Please speak to Jenny for more information.