Long Buckby and Brington Baptist Church Environmental Policy

We, the members of Long Buckby & Brington Baptist Church, recognise our God-given responsibility to care for His creation and to respond to the command of Jesus to love others as we love ourselves. This is the reason for developing our approach to environmental issues as outlined in this policy.

We acknowledge the complexities involved in making decisions in this area both in our individual lives and as a church, that the differences we can make may be small, and that changes may take time. But as part of our commitment to follow and serve Jesus, a caring approach to the environment and the impact of environmental changes on other people are issues we will take into account in our mission, worship, prayer, education and training, and we will consider environmental issues as a factor in our stewardship of church resources.

Accordingly as church we will look at the following aspects of environmental appreciation and concern as we continue to work out how we can best reflect the image of Jesus in all we do:

  • regularly reflecting this appreciation of and concern for creation in our worship, prayer, teaching and mission
  • connecting with other churches and other Christian organisations to learn and share understanding and good practice in environmental issues
  • assessing our performance through an audit process and look to improve on our score each year
  • considering ways of improving biodiversity in our own grounds.
  • considering sustainability issues when making decisions about our buildings and energy consumption and look to improve our environmental footprint
  • seeking ways to reduce consumption and to reuse or recycle materials where possible.
  • seeking to use locally sourced or Fairtrade food and drink where possible and to minimise waste
  • thinking about our transport footprint and encourage environmentally friendly forms of transport
  • encouraging our members to consider their personal impact on the environment in their daily lives
  • working with other groups as appropriate to create and promote a local community that is more biodiverse and sustainable
  • demonstrating our commitment in this area by publishing this policy and our actions on our website and in other ways. 

This policy was adopted at the Church Meeting on 23 February 2022 and will be reviewed after 2 years.


Eco Church

The Eco Church team have signed up to take part in A Rocha UK's award scheme (see https://ecochurch.arocha.org.uk/ for more information) as a way for us to audit our performance and suggest ways in which we could improve. Our church members have agreed on an environmental policy.

We would love to add a few more volunteers to the team so, if you would like to help, please talk to Norman How.