Who to Ask?


For General Enquiries and Room Bookings

email: longbuckbybaptist@gmail.com

Find us on facebook at facebook.com/long.buckby.baptist.church


For Practical and Spiritual Support

Rev Nathan Toseland
Our Minister, Nathan Toseland -  Speak to Nathan directly, or email us and your message will be passed on.


Prayer Chain

Ann Ellis
Please contact Ann Ellis on annellis226@gmail.com if you would like us to pray for you. We have both email and phone based prayer chains for prayer requests.


Church Secretary

Peter Walls
Peter Walls is our Church Secretary - email secretary.longbuckbybaptist@gmail.com

Financial Matters

Paul Speed-Andrews
Paul Speed-Andrews is the Church Treasurer - email treasurer.longbuckbybaptist@gmail.com


Worship Team



Designated Person for Safeguarding (DPS)

Emma Read will advise the church on any matters related to the safeguarding of children and adults at risk and take the appropriate action when abuse is disclosed, discovered or suspected.

Phone numbers: 01327 301691 or 07958733649
Email address: reademma @aim.com


Any other questions

Any of the church leadership team are usually happy to talk when it is appropriate and time permits.