Eco Church

The Eco Church team have signed up to take part in A Rocha UK's award scheme (see for more information) as a way for us to audit our performance and suggest ways in which we could improve. Our church members have agreed on an environmental policy.

We would love to add a few more volunteers to the team so, if you would like to help, please talk to Norman How.


L is for Lifestyle 

l is for lifestyle

This small and very practical little book, published by InterVarsity Press is recommended by A Rocha to anyone wishing to live a gospel focussed life who cares about God’s wonderful planet Earth. Each short chapter is headed by  letter of the alphabet (“A is for Activist…B is for bananas...”)

Ruth Valerio gives us fresh and creative ideas, inviting us to walk humbly and simply in ways to protect what God has given us and as far as possible prevent the diabolical landslide into man-made global warming and potential crisis. It is available from Amazon in paperback and kindle editions.