We believe God gives everyone abilities and we see it as part of our work to encourage and develop those abilities. We do this to allow everyone to live their life to the full and as part of that, take the fullest part in worshipping God together.

We have an elected leadership team which consists of a Minister and a team of Deacons.  The leadership team work together to seek God’s will for the Church, and each member coordinates a particular area of God’s work here.

Nathan ToselandNathan Toseland

– is our Minister, and enjoys an eclectic taste in film and music. In his spare time he likes to do a bit of Geocaching. Nathan has a passion for helping people develop authentic grounded lives routed in the timeless truths of the Christian faith.


Wendy MorrisonWendy Morrison

– is our church secretary. Her outreach work happens through facilitating groups like Monday Club, Thursday Café and Rendezvous. These groups all meet needs in the community, and build relationships. In her spare time she enjoys scrapbooking and knitting for the family.

Ivan Martin 2017

Ivan Martin

– hails originally from Northern Ireland, but emigrated in 1985. Along with his wife and four children, he has lived in Daventry since 2001. He is our Treasurer and Fabric Deacon.


Anna AngelAnna Angel

- is originally from Cardiff in South Wales but has settled in Long Buckby with her husband and two children. She leads the music group and has been working with the youth group for the past few years. Whilst in Wales, she studied Fine Art which is still a great interest of hers.


Ann EllisAnn Ellis

- is retired but has four children and ten grandchildren who she enjoys spending time with, so she's kept busy! She also enjoys making things and gardening. Ann believes in team work so will be looking for others to join her in her pastoral care responsibilities.

Elizabeth Garrett


Elizabeth Garrett

– has been in our church since she was a baby and became a member in 1976. She leads the Seniors team, and organises Monday Club as well as the Toddlers and Babies Group. She does the flowers as well as catering for Church events, including heading up the team for the monthly Thursday Café.

Nathan GunterNathan Gunter

- has been at our church since he was 11 years old. After graduating from university, he's "back for good" working as an engineer in Northampton. He helps to lead the yoof group and plays saxophone in the music group. You might have seen him cycling around Northamptonshire.


Peter WallsPeter Walls

- has an interest in education and is chair of governors at a local secondary school. With William, Peter focuses on prayer and discipleship within the church. He enjoys spending his remaining spare time with his family.


Tim HuntTim Hunt

- enjoys being a member of the fantastic music group, playing guitar and drowning everyone out with his extremely loud voice. In his spare time he loves a game of golf, cooking and watching motorsport and football on TV.