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Nutcracker Theatre Event

The Saltmine Trust Christian theatre company will be visiting us on 29th November with their production inspired by The Nutcracker.

The event starts at 6:30pm. Tickets will be available from Jenny Eaton, or from the Peephole, and cost £7 for adults and £4 for children. Family tickets will be available. Please speak to Jenny for more information.

Nutcracker poster

"On Christmas Eve, Clara receives an extra special present with the instruction to keep it very safe. But when her little brother breaks this precious gift, she wonders if she can ever forgive him.
Clara’s determination to fix the Nutcracker whisks her away to the Land of Sweets, where caramel rivers are lined with lollipop trees, raindrops fall like hundreds and thousands and you can even taste the rainbow. But time is running out and the land is dissolving before her very eyes.
With a little bit of help from some deliciously silly sweetie friends, Clara must figure out the answer to the great, big, sticky, sugary question: Can mending something on the outside fix what is truly broken?"

nutcracker clara
Photo courtesy of Saltmine Theatre Company.  Casting from 2017 tour.

"Saltmine Theatre Company is a professional touring company with a Christian ethos, inspired by the life and teaching of Jesus.  We create and tour Faith Motivated Arts: our productions are either directly connected with sharing God’s story or they reflect God’s heart by engaging with social concerns and encouraging people to make positive life choices.  Saltmine Theatre Company performs at churches, schools, theatres and festivals throughout the UK and abroad.   Since the start of 2018 the company has toured 15 productions and performed sketches at six Christian conference events, performing to over 45,000 people."

Fellowship Lunch & Games

Please join us for a Fellowship Lunch & Games on Sunday 25th November after the service.

Board Games Sep 2018 15-23 

Prayer for The Nutcracker Event

On the three Sundays before the theatre event - i.e. 4th, 18th & 25th November - we will be praying specifically for The Nutcracker  in the half hour before the morning service. 

Please join us at the church from 10:15am.

Food Bank - Donations Needed

We’ve been asked to pass on a huge thank you from the food bank for our harvest donation and our giving each week - they have now got shelves of food. However, they are still in need of donations and suggest the following things: tins of fruit, shower gel, deodorant, any diabetic foods, handwash, tins of tuna. You can leave items in the box at the front of the Baptist Church or the one in the Co-op. Thank you. 

Food bank box


News from the Diamond Family

diamonds skating

For the latest news about Stephen and Caroline Diamond, and their daughters, see their blog


Street Pastors - Volunteers Needed

We have received the following message from Daventry Street Pastors. You can find out more about the national organisation on their website:

Daventry Street Pastors volunt

"For the last eight years Street Pastors have patrolled Daventry town centre and estates at weekends offering support to any one they meet. These volunteers from local Christian Churches who care about the community, have provided conversation, water, First Aid and their famous Lollipops; as well as defusing conflict and making the streets safer by picking up cans, glass and other potentially dangerous items. In the 12 months to 31st December 2017 the patrols interacted with 452 people.

Unfortunately due to retirement and ill health, the number of Street Pastors available for Patrols has reduced making it difficult for us to be on the street as often as we would like. In the last quarter of 2017 we were only able to put out seven patrols. Despite this we liaised with 112 people of both genders and different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

To continue to serve the community in Daventry as we would wish, more volunteers are essential. Street Pastors need to be good listeners and stay calm in tense situations. Street Pastors are blind to differences of all kinds between people and treat everyone they meet with equal respect and courtesy. Patrols are carried out on foot on Friday or Saturday evenings from 8.00 until about midnight. All Street Pastors are fully trained and provided with a uniform.

Anyone who is over 18 (there is no upper age limit) and want to know more about what it is to be a Street Pastor, may be able to join a team as an “Observer” and get some experience of what a patrol is like.

Anyone who would like to join a patrol or just wants some more information, should please leave their Name and Postal Address together with their Email address and/or telephone contact number with our Group Co-ordinator and Senior Street Pastor on either of the following:-

Email: or

Telephone: 07474 545 785

We aim to respond within 48 hours. "


The Latest From Meninadança

Meninadanca dance performances

Here's a link to Medinadança's latest newsletters. 

Please click here for more about how our Church is supporting Meninadança.

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